Our team visited the Radisson collection constructing process in Tsinandali

On October 3th, Architects team of Archidea together with Damian Figueras visited the building in Tsinandali where Damien spoke about the project. Demian is an architect from Barcelona, who has studied in universities of Barcelona and London(Architecture Association school of architecture). He mentioned different approaches of schools of Spain and schools of UK. According to Damian school of Spain gave him more technical studies when schools in UK are oriented on how are you going to make world better with your project. The studies of these schools were the keys that helped to mix a design and an art in project. While speaking on project Demian mentioned that it is having a special significance for him. It was a Georgian nature that inspired him to be crafty. This project is related to his family also , namely to Damian's mother, with whom he has made this project. He even mentioned that this project equals to her. Through the dialogue it has also been said that there where lots of people involved in this project but in compare with some other teams , working with Archidea was simple and it was easy to see that team wanted to fulfill a work providing highest standards.