Vila Tskneti

This project represents the model of individual dwelling house in the reconciliation zone, Tbilisi, in the Bagebi Forest District. The project envisages a two-storied individual living house whose inspiration is derived from the French style house, which is reflected in the design of the project. The façade of the building will be decorated in a very delicate and characteristic manner and will be painted in white color; the construction of the walls of the building is to be metal construction framing. The central facade is decorated with a port of columns which makes the building an aristocratic image. Window frames and corner corners are decorated in cornices. The railings of the balcony will be processed with metal-shielded ornaments. Tsokol is confined with natural stone. The building area is now free. Natural straight green covering and diversity of woods characterizes the place,. The nature of the materials used for the construction of the house will come in harmony with the natural landscape and will not be removed from the whole picture, while the balcony planning will make the residence of the inhabitants of the territory uniformly.

Location Tskneti, Kaklebi, Tbilisi, Georgia
Year 2014
Status Finished
Size 800 sq.m.
Client Private Person
Design Team Giorgi Kevanishvili, Davit Elizbarashvili