Country houses in Tsavkisi

The presented project is processed by a private person in the territory of Downtown Tsavkisi, Tbilisi. At the initial stage of the project, 85 residential cottages have been planned together with malfunctioning swimming pool. Our group developed a project for each 122-147 square meter housing where it was considered to be a modern style living apartments with 4-5 bedrooms, guesting rooms; also including parking lots and open terraces. The whole projecting teritorry is to be 60000-70000 square meter of multi-dwelling complex. On the whole plot was planned to be made as an open living space without any fences for open type neighborhood. The buildings were planed to be faced with the natural materials, not to fall out of the rhythm of the landscape. Finally, one of the most beautiful geometric type cottages was developed in this mostly reliefed area. This design is to be the undisputed leader of the genre in terms of architectural art. The project is in process of planning and finalizing the concept of the houses.

Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Year 2018
Status In process
Size 122-147 sq.m.
Client Private Person
Design Team Giorgi Kevanishvili, Davit Elizbarashvili, Besik Tutberidze