"Kaklebi" in Tabakhmela

The presented project-individual single-family residence is located in Tabakhmela, Tbilisi. The total area of the land plot is 1000 m2, the buildings are not located on the above mentioned plot. The area is not having any mentionable relief differences. The project consists of 2 terrestrial floors. The total area of the building is 222.5 m2. On the first floor there are a guest room, kitchen, hall, common and other rooms arranged. The first floor hall has a staircase by which the second floor can be reached, where the bedrooms have its own bathrooms and wardrobe space. From a constructive point of view, the building is a carpet type building. The exterior contour of which is provided by the building blocks and for the inner walls also blocks are used. The building has a flat roof, where has been foreseen a needed thickness for heat resistance and for water flew system. The part façade of the building is being painted with white color paint and the rest will be decorated with decorative wooden materials .Windows are made with black colored aluminum. The use of natural materials makes a building a single composite part of the whole puzzle and fills the landscape.

Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Year 2014
Status In process
Size 1000 sq.m.
Client Private Person
Design Team Giorgi Kevanishvili, Davit Elizbarashvili, Besik Tutberidze