Hotel Seti - Mestia

The Archidea team has started working on a project in the region of Mestia. The building territory is 2992 square meters. The building is bounding to Seth Square and it looks natural in the local urban area. The main purpose of the reconstruction is to renovate the exterior and adapt it to new building standards. There will be fifty-four modern rooms in this hotel equipped with fire-resistant standards. The concept of the exterior will be preserved and between these two streets, the arch will be formed. Locals traditionally used this street for directly oriented to the church during the walking procession.

Location Mestia, Svaneti, Georgia
Year 2019
Status Current
Size 2 992 sq.m.
Client m2 Svaneti
Design Team Giorgi Kevanishvili, David Elizbarashvili, Besik Tutberidze, Salome Tskhadadze, Nodar Charkviani, Salome Javakhidze