Multi-dwelling home on Petriashvili

Due to the relief, the project by its territorial planning on the Petriashvili Street is deemed to be a terrace type house, which is significantly different from the buildings located in the surrounding areas by design and safety norms. At present, the surrounding area is planned with chaotic-developed barrack type 1, 2, and 3-storey residential and commercial buildings. At the initial stage, the Archidea group worked not only on the project but also provided the plan to build a so-called filling plant on the construction site to prevent impacts of the construction of the underlying building on the adjoining houses. As for the project itself, the building is a terraced building on two streets: Rcheulishcili from one side and Petriashvili from the other side. It corresponds to Rcheulishvili Street's planning. The building starts from Rcheulishvili Street with six floors and is developing as a terraced type. The peak difference between Petriashvili and Rcheulishvili streets that depends on the peculiarities of the relief is 8 meters, but it did not lead to any problem for team at the planning stage. The building has a 3-Staged indoor parking space that can seat 70 cars. There is also an open parking space. 72 apartments will be located in a multi-dwelling home. There will also be mini playground and children's playing field, and the pool will be located on the floor of the building, which will bring the project in line with the modern standards and distinguish it from the existing landscape. The mentioned apartment will be accessible to the main, as well as infantry vehicles from Petriashvili Street.

Location თბილისი, საქართველო
Year 2014
Status ongoing
Size 11 000 sq.m.
Client company
Design Team Giorgi Kevanishvili, Shorena Takaishvili, Bakari Zakarashvili, Davit Elizbarashvili, Besik Tutberidze