Vera Plaza

A stylistic view of the project based in Tbilisi, on Barnov Street, is to be a Modern Style building, which is one of the most competitive representative of this type of projects in the city. The area is known for its difficult relief. The difference between the land levels is to be 20-21 meters. Roads and privately owned lands with multi-dwelling houses also bound the building. Considering the specificity of the project, the main structural system of the building is to be a rigid metal structure, with block fillers. The foundation of the building is a combination of the foundations of the piles. As the main material the Georgian brick, metal-shaped composite panels and the stained-glass façade is used. From the visual point of view, the building is neutral, transparent and airy, which in turn does not interfere with the historical environment and in the existing space is not perceived as a foreign organism. As for the functionality of the project, it is a terraced office building. The project consists of 5 terrestrial stages and 1 ground level parking area. Parking space at the parking level is 11 places, and outside there will be allocated an area for open parking lots. In the mentioned building, a total of 3000 sq.m. office and office support facilities are planned according to the project.

Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Year 2017
Status ongoing
Size 0
Client Company
Design Team Giorgi Kevanishvili, Shorena Takaishvili, Bakar Zakarashvili, Davit Elizbarashvili, Besik Tutberidze